About GTVA

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high-quality, comprehensive and meaningful lectures, sharing knowledge that can aid in the development of veterinarians in the Golden Triangle Region and beyond. 

Executive members

Patti Weir

Dr. Patti Weir

Venue Co-ordinator

Patti makes arrangement with the venue for beverages, snacks and speaker needs. She looks after IT and arranges sponsors for the meetings. 

Dr. Tom Mulder

Speaker Co-ordinator

Tom arranges speakers and deals with all aspects of the speakers requirements, such as travel, accommodations and confirmation of the date and time of lecture. He reviews the content and gets the speaker’s notes weeks in advance. Tom makes sure that the notes are available to the members through paper copies, email and the members only section of the website.

Marcy Heffren

Marcy Heffren

Secretary & Administration

Marcy ensures the website is accurate at all times and reviews it regularly. She also assists the members who aren’t familiar with the internet to navigate the payment process for lectures etc.